Girl Talk’s All Day

2011/01/12 at 1:55 AM 1 comment

In short: it’s quite brilliant, even if it took me a couple listens to really appreciate it (which is probably my fault).

I admit, I’m not familiar with Girl Talk’s previous works, except that he’s sort of a DJ and a mashups remixer, and really good at it. All Day, however, is awesome.

I don’t know if I’m interpreting Girl Talk’s intentions correctly, but despite that, whatever interpretation I have is awesome. A short journey through the music industry contrasting even that-rapper-I-HATE Soulja Boy to the amazing Aphex Twin (in fact, they’re paired together, and really well, to my surprise. Barring Soulja Boy’s frankly amateurish piece of crap lyrics, the combination of Windowlicker and just words work excellently). All Day is full of quirks like the above that makes it so entertaining; a romp through how far the industry has made, where it can go (away from autotune please) and some of the frankly stupid things it has produced, as well as amazing things (Mr. Blue Sky please tell us why you had to hiiide away for sooo long [Sooo long!], where did we go wrong?).

And of course, it wouldn’t be not-mainstream without possible interpretations outside the context of music; the state of politics, the things in life we could appreciate, and, undoubtedly, the treatment of women. Thanks, mainstream rap.

All that said, I really hope the artists involved learn from All Day. There were many, many parts (and more as I continually listen to it) that haven’t really been tried, musically, but really could work. The part with System of a Down combined with Rye Rye/M.I.A. was amazing; it had so much weight (I was intensely disappointed when the original System of a Down song used for it was so much less powerful than that; it really shows Girl Talk’s talent). Another section I liked had Portishead with rapping. Another with the Toadies. More. There are so many bits that I might as well just say that I like the whole shebang.

So give it a listen. It will be enjoyable, I’m sure. Simultaneously a history lesson and just great music, Girl Talk’s All Day should be in your collection. Oh, it’s free, too. How awesome is that?

To which I say: quite awesome.

P.S.: Would you like a nice visualization of All Day? It’s very nice. Did I say it’s nice? It’s nice.


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  • 1. ManaTree  |  2011/01/12 at 12:22 PM

    Personal Notes (in reflection):
    – 4 out of 5 on the review; I could’ve been a little more elegant and I missed some other stuff I should’ve talked about. But I like how short it is.
    – The concept of emergence as applied to All Day.
    – A note that I don’t actually know 4/5ths of these songs. Literally. If not more.

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