Addendum: EON Gaming is No More

2011/01/03 at 1:18 PM 2 comments

Oops. Right after I post about how my gritty days as a writer for EON Gaming (CONSTANTLY flogged, I tell you! Constantly!) will lead me to liberation by the knights of a bigger news site, my editor and the administrator have declared it dead. A sad way to go, as it certainly had the potential, but nonetheless, to keep a site of EON’s scope running would require…a lot of resources. I enjoyed my brief stint from its start to its end; 3 months of article features, although I admit, I missed a few weeklies. I met some very interesting people who I’ll definitely be keeping in contact with, and I’ll also be watching where THEY go for their next gigs (per se).

So, where does that leave me? I’m not quite sure. This is really sudden news and I’m rather surprised that I almost took EON for granted as a place to store my works. And this was right as I was finishing up on a review of DeathSpank for EON. Which you should buy, by the way. I’m thinking of putting up all my articles (pending permission of the editor and/or administrator of course) on here at least so that I still have something to show. I’m also not sure what to do next. I wonder if this is what freelance games journalism feels like, I guess? At least there was no risk involved (i.e. I’m not living off of the “money” I got. Seeing as how I got none. :P). That does leave some time for me to do…something. I’m rather split between writing articles for somewhere (which would involve finding a place that’ll take me in a profession that many, many people are interested in), or somehow spending that time on game development (which would involve learning things that many, many people are also interested in). If I had clear motivation to work on game design, I probably would, but seeing as how I’m still in that transition phase…perhaps I’ll need something to grease those gears in the interim.

Let’s take a look at what EON did right and where it fell flat (which, in reality, is not really EON’s fault), in comparison to normal news sites.

  • It had tons of interesting content. Definitely no shortage there, along with a good variety covering all platforms and all types of games with all types of crazy editorials (a lot of my own content was crazy editorials, I didn’t have one posted review).
  • The site was quite well-designed and got some pretty hefty updates. What made the administrator close it down was the lack of time to update it even more. A news site does need constant framework updates to make it improved, not to mention the implementation of features that makes it…a news site.
  • Popularity is where EON ultimately fell short. For anything, I’ve found, that initial reaction and/or push is very, very important. Timing, content, it all has to line up. It’s bad, but it’s generally how things are (and how companies like Activision operate). It was a site between a bunch of friends and a dude from the Internet (me; also I was the only American on the site. I’M IN UR BASE, ENGLAND! Or, I was. Until it became asplode.). We didn’t have the backing of a ton of people. We didn’t have any exclusives or any of that silly stuff that normal news sites have.

News sites = Content + framework + timing (both initial and for news; the fastest news gets the most hits).

And as I write this, I got okayed by my administrator to put up articles here. I always assumed that I could, but you know, Internet + copyright = messy.

So that’s that.


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  • 1. drugcrazed  |  2011/01/03 at 2:27 PM

    As I say, you are welcome to write at the new How To Play blog. It should be sorted tomorrow, but I have to get to grips with it again.

    For now:

  • 2. ManaTree  |  2011/01/07 at 7:08 AM

    Sounds good. I guess I’m in for now.

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