I’m Writing For How To Play UK!

2011/02/18 at 1:13 AM 1 comment

My debut post there. Exciting to be writing again, albeit I’ve got even less time than less semester.

More games writing. Better writing. I eventually want to make a great article following in the steps of New Games Journalism. Gotta push the medium forward, you know?

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Because I Like Talking About Myself, 2011/02/08 Beer

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  • 1. gaminginpublic  |  2011/02/24 at 6:58 AM

    Yeah I have been really busy as well since I am married and had this whole big plan for valentines day. About your first article I love Batman Arkum Asylum it brings me so much joy. On the second one I find that we are in a golden age or journalism for games. Magazines have moved more into pushing players to buying more like game informer. Now anyone can access a review without even paying a dime so you don’t have to spend any money in order to find a review on a game.

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